bits of information on Psychodrama, Sociometry, Group Psychotherapy, associated subjects such as ro

bits of information on Psychodrama, Sociometry, Group Psychotherapy, associated subjects such as ro
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Monday, September 10, 2018

Monodrama (Autodrama)

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In my book, The Psychodrama Companion, I briefly described a monodrama, (also called an autodrama). It is in the "Warm-up Expanded" chapter and suggests its use as a warm-up, which can lead to a psychodrama enactment. It can be done with an audience or alone.

In a monodrama, the protagonist plays all roles; self, the director, the double, and the auxiliary egos. No other person is used on stage. The protagonist calls for role reversals, uses props, does self-presentations, and speaks when in double and auxiliary roles. This is especially good to use in training sessions to test the spontaneity of the trainees.

While in training, I did a personal monodrama that examined how my father's death inhibited my moving forward in life. While soliloquizing I pulled a heavy duffel bag around the stage to indicate how his death impeded my progress.

A second personal monodrama dealt with my smoking habit. It explored the comforting, relaxing experience when smoking and also the harmful effects. In a final role reversal when I said I wanted to quit, my cigarettes told me to go to hell. That angered me enough to quit. It's strange how anger is so motivating.

I've had clients do monodramas in relation to how they fit into their family, workplace, and social situations; in short, their social atoms and sociometry.

This warm-up/intervention/enactment is quite versatile; provides psychodramatists with a lot of information; and can lead in many directions whether in a group, individual, couple, or family session.

It's important for group members to share 
with people who have done a monodrama.

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